Home I.T. Services

At M group we understand that our clients are busy and may not have time to haul a PC in to the shop therefore; to fit in with the busy schedules of our clients we offer a pick up and drop off at no additional charge. During the drop off we confirm all peripherals -mouse, printer, keyboard, speakers, internet etc all function correctly. We can work around business hours or meet you at home during you lunch hour to pick up or drop off your computer.

M Group provide support services including:

– Onsite troubleshooting, instructional support, servicing and repairs
– Workshop servicing and repairs
– Remote Access for Server Maintenance, backup verification, minor problems and instructional support from our workshop.
– Workstation Installation and servicing.
– Virus, Spyware and Malware Protection and removal – M Group use and recommend Webroot Endpoint Security and MalwareBytes Pro to protect against Virus, Spyware and Malware.
– Laser Printer maintenance and servicing
– Wireless Mesh Networks
– Long Range Point to Point Networks
– Backup Management

– Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal
– Hardware Diagnostics
– Thorough software cleaning

Hardware Sales/Supply

– Tablets, Laptops, Workstations, Servers
– Printers
– Desk VOIP Phones

Software Sales/Supply

– Security Software
– Office Suites
– Windows Software
– Server / Microsoft Licensing

Screen Replacement
– Phones
– Tablets
– Laptops


– Replacements
   – Keyboards
   – Hard Drives
   – Power Supplies
   – Motherboards
– Upgrades:
   – RAM
   – Hard Drives


– Replacements
   – Optical Drives
   – Hard Drives
   – Power Supplies
   – Motherboards
   – CPU
– Upgrades:
   – RAM
   – Hard Drives
   – CPU

Office Phone Systems

– Supply and installation of VOIP Phone Services
– Upgrades of desk phones for users


– Designs specific to client requirements
– Supply and implementation
– Ongoing maintenance management
– Backup management